About Me, Angela Turpin LL.B

From a background in legal costs as a senior officer in the Legal Aid Scheme I embarked on a successful career as an independent Costs Draftsman in 1989 [Costs Lawyer 2008] working primarily in Central London.

My practice has largely developed through word of mouth and as a result I have dealt with all aspects of legal costs from small family and personal injury cases to £multi million commercial claims; from solicitor client disputes to group litigation cases. This has led to particular expertise in high value and complex cases whether acting for Claimant or Defendant.

As a sole practitioner each client receives an individual bespoke service as I personally conduct all cases from start to conclusion - from Bill drafting to advocacy. As such I have an encyclopaedic grasp of each case I undertake informing the strength of the advice that I provide throughout.

That advice has been described as "cogent and reliable" providing clients with full confidence to make difficult decisions on the correct levels of offer that afford protection or whether to reject inadequate figures and risk further costs going forward. In all cases I am ready and able to support my advice where it matters – in front of a costs judge.

The close relationships that I develop with my clients mean that I am always on hand to provide ad hoc or urgent advice and assistance when necessary.

My Specialisms

Specialisms include:

For more information about my services, please feel free to contact me on 01843 865553 or 07932 141524.

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